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Home Delivery Gold IRA is a new program introduced by Augusta Precious Metals. Many people are concerned about the future of their long-term investments in light of the recent economic crises, some of which have hurt rich people as well as middle-class and working-class individuals. Traditional investment portfolios may be hugely vulnerable to shifts in the economy, which is one of many reasons why people are literally and figuratively looking for something that is more solid. A Home Delivery Gold IRA can serve as a viable alternative to traditional investing for a lot of people.

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Some of the frequently asked questions about the Home Delivery Gold IRA:

  • A deeper dive into prohibited transactions and self-dealing – real world examples in the gold IRA structure and how to avoid them
  • Steps for maintaining your LLC, why it is important, and consequences of failing to do so
  • Why is a bank safe deposit box considered to be in the possession of a trustee? A look at case law and how it can be applied to the gold IRA context.
  • Ellis and Peak cases – what exactly went wrong for these folks, and what can we learn from their mistakes when it comes to our own self-directed IRAs?
  • Timing is everything – the 60-day rule when transitioning funds from one form of tax-deferred retirement account to another – the importance of completing the transaction within that window
  • How you can make sure your transaction stays on track

How do I sell small amounts if needed or how do I sell it all?

Can I take my IRA and with no penalty buy gold with it?

Am I responsible for figuring out all taxes associated with the sale of my gold?

What amount do I need to start the Home Delivery Gold IRA program?

How do you handle shipping, and how safe and discreet is delivery door to door?

How does it remain classified as an IRA if it is not monitored or controlled by an approved holder?

Can you have a silver IRA instead?


Some individuals are concerned about the future of their retirement funds for multiple reasons. For one thing, many politicians have talked about the gloomy future of social security and the fact that the program may not have enough money to pay the benefits that a retiree will expect to receive. Countless older people may lose their retirement money as a result, and any national economic gains involved with improvements in the national debt crisis will probably not help them to any significant degree.


In fact, national debt actually doesn’t affect the economy to the extent that many politicians say that it does. Private debt has a much more severe effect on the economy, and a Home Delivery
Gold IRA can protect many individuals who have had to cope with private debt over the years. These days, many people do not even fully alleviate their private levels of debt until they are middle-aged or even older. Many people never retire today specifically because their levels of private debt are so high and have been so high throughout their entire working lives that they simply don’t have the savings to retire.

Many other people are relying on their companies in order to secure funding for retirement, since a corporate pension is a very common benefit. However, there have been many scandals recently involving companies losing or spending pension funds. Employees that have worked there for decades may lose all of the money that they so carefully worked for all those years. Getting a Home Delivery Gold IRA allows people to rely on themselves when it comes to preparation for retirement.


People are also living longer today. Individuals who retire at age sixty-five and especially fifty-five, which were the traditional retirement ages during the twentieth century, will often spend the majority of their retirement funds long before the end of their lives. A Home Delivery Gold IRA can help these people as well, since we believe the gold that people save when they secure assets is going to stay valuable with time. People who are simply living off of their savings are going to lose a lot of money with time as a result of inflation, since the interest rates involved with savings accounts are rarely going to match the rate of inflation that people have to cope with, and some interest rates are so low that they barely qualify. We believe having solid assets will allow people to retire in a much more stable fashion.

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The team listed here work with passion, and their top priority is to deliver the tax-deferred Augusta Precious Metals IRA investment choices to Americans and ensure advantages on their cost savings by securing it with gold.

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Poplar FAQs:

  • How does Home Delivery Gold IRA program qualify and meet the requirements of the IRS, and why is it  not a distribution of funds that is then taxed?
  • What is the current cost to set up an IRA LLC? What are the annual reporting requirements to IRS and other agencies?
  • Do you handle IRA and 401k roll overs?
  • Does Home Delivery Gold IRA involve collectible silver coins, or is it bulk silver ingots?
  • We have a traditional IRA and want to move some or all of it to Home Delivery Gold IRA. Can our government freeze it or grab it from the bank?
  • I am shopping different companies that offer clients direct gold delivery. What sets you apart from other companies?
  • Does it have to go into an IRA? What is the minimum amount?
  • Can a Credit Union bank be used for my LLC account? I have an IRA & a checking account through a Credit Union.
  • How do you deal with the RMD each year?
  • What is the cost and how much is needed to get the free silver?
  • I currently have a ‘remote’ gold IRA – can that be converted to ‘home delivery’? If so, what is the cost? Can a Home Delivery Gold IRA be converted to a Roth IRA?
  • What are the costs associated with setting up the LLC with a lawyer? What state will it be set up in?
  • What is an LLC?
  • I am 72 yrs old. Can I open a new IRA at my age?
  • What is the minimum investment?

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