Some of most popular questions are listed below:

  • Can I roll over my former employer 401k into self-directed gold IRA? I am not employed at the moment. Will the transfer from my 401k holder be tax-free?
  • I live abroad now and come to the US from time to time. Can I set up Gold IRA remotely?
  • Can I qualify for an Augusta Gold IRA?
  • I do not have an IRA, or 401k, can I still buy gold from you?
  • What is your price today for one troy ounce of gold when purchased with an IRA? And why would the IRS trust that I haven’t sold the gold in violation of the terms of my 401k?
  • I am looking to possibly turn my wife’s 401k into gold and or silver. Can you please send me some information on how it works and how we can keep it?
  • How can I transfer part of my IRA from the broker it is now with?
  • I currently have a 401k with my company and am looking at setting up an IRA backed by precious metals. I would like to set up a monthly allotment for this. Also, I would like to keep possession of the precious metals.
  • Can I roll over my present gold IRA into Augusta Precious Metals? Presently the gold coins are being held in a mint that is separate from my IRA company and my broker at another. Added to these facts is the uncertainty that the Feds will not seize the coins much like what happened in 1933-34.
  • I am considering buying 50 oz of silver for my IRA. How does this work? Is the cost merely 50 oz times the approved IRA coin or is there extra costs?
  • What are the fees to rollover a 401(k) to this IRA Program? Would I be able to get monthly or annual payments as with regular IRAs?
  • Can I withdraw money from a 401K account and purchase gold without paying taxes on the money?



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